Clean and Smart Solar Energy
for Sustainable Future

Reliability improvement cycle

“Improvement of the root cause based on continuous
 evaluation/monitoring & mechanism analysis”

Hyundai Green Energy continuously evaluates and
monitors its products to find improvement points and
analyzes the basic mechanism to improve the root
cause, not superficial evasion

Certified test laboratory

“Reliability test & improvement and in-house product
 certification test based on UL/VDE certified test

Hyundai Green Energy performs fast in-house certification tests and highly-credible reliability tests & improvement using the facility and know-how which are certified by UL/VDE, renowned certification bodies

Outdoor test facility

"Value provision by low LCOE through the verification
 of outdoor performance and long-term reliability"

Hyundai Green Energy provides customers with the value
of low LCOE
through the verification of outdoor
performance and long-term reliability using the own
outdoor PV test facility