PV Total Solution Provider

O&M (Operation & Maintenance)

▲531kW Test-bed in EumSeong Campus (Total 1.7MW installed)

PV total solution provider, Hyundai Green Energy
offers O&M services for your sustainable profit.

We offer you precision diagnosis,
failure cause analysis, plant optimization
based on Solar Cell-Module-Inverter-ESS business experience.

▲Drone IR (left), Hot-Spot (right)

PV plant O&M is not an option, It is necessity.
We will support your PV plant and boost output maximizing
by over decade experience of solar industries.

Items Contents Remarks
Operation Monitoring Remote monitoring system (KT-MEG platform) Daily
Alarm when issue is occurred
Performance Performance analysis and maintenance
Performance report (monthly, quarterly, annual)
Account SPC trade support
SPC taxes and the public utilities’ charge
SPC Account management
Maintenance Safety Safety supervisor support Up to capacity
Diagnosis Monthly and emergency diagnosis Monthly
Keep sunlight Changing solar module tilt (maximum 4 times/year) negotiable
Mowing (maximum 2times/year), Module cleaning
Insurance PV plant insurance support
Repair Small repair without payment If needed
Big repair with negotiation
Guarantee Guarantee sustainable PV plant negotiable
Guarantee performance ratio
Accident management Emergency support(maximum 4 times/year) and report, reboot PV plant If needed
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